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If you have all your records as described on the page or if your lawyer has them, they can be thoroughly evaluated. At your request we can determine if there was failure to meet the acceptable standard of care. That means a determination will be made as to whether or not there was malpractice, whether or not it caused provable damages, and what the probability of winning a lawsuit is. It is essential in a medical malpractice case to establish from the medical records and from medical expert testimony that the health care provider either did something wrong or did not do what should have been done. In addition, it must be established that such a failure indeed either caused or substantially contributed to causing the harm of which you complain. Once those facts are determined by a review of all your medical records, we can then advise you as to whether or not you have a good lawsuit based on my 40 years experience and over 10,000 cases. What is the probability of winning such a lawsuit is an essential question for all people concerned. What is the probability of a fair recovery in excess of the time, trouble, anxiety and expense of litigation? Such a complete initial medical review will call on the experience of this office and selected medical experts in various specialties from throughout the United States. The fee for this kind of comprehensive review is $600, payable at the time the records are submitted. You can expect a review, evaluation, and written report returned to you within 30 days. For further information, please call (407) 333-4444 or e-mail questions about this service from any of the pages on this web site.

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