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Primer on Soft Tissue Injuries


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The author is a physician with forty years experience. He is an active litigator, judge with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, writes, teaches and innovates p.i. litigation.

Dr. Rein is of-counsel to renowned law firms throughout the United States selecting cases of merit, doing deposition discovery and trying the cases. Outstanding results follow careful screening when combined with experience and understanding of how health care providers think. Learn from his experiences and the Primer on Soft Tissue Injuries case preparation system. This book is based on his evaluation and involvement in over 30,000 injury cases.

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"Everything you wanted to know about soft tissue injury but law school and the doctor will not tell you". This book provides a beginning for the reader who is new to soft tissue injury litigation.

The experienced practitioner will see some of her own experiences from a different point of view.

The student will be able to ask challenging questions of his teacher.

Teachers and trial lawyers will learn to innovate and find new themes.

The lawyer, legal assistant, willing physician and witnesses will recognize what they can do daily to raise the level of their participation, testify properly and avoid impeachment.

Samples of Subjects ---

Horizontal Review of Medical Records


Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Traumatic Arthritis

System Examinations



Joint Motion Measurements


The THREE QUESTIONS for which damages are paid

Presenting the case

Impairment or disability

A system of rating function loss

Capacity loss

Charting and rating

Capacity loss

Pre-testimony conference


Tables of nerves and innervations

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Soft Tissue Injuries

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