Harry Rein, J.D. M.D.

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Medical Malpractice, A Thoughtbook -- textbook - - - - - - - - - See the Electronic Edition on CD.
The Primer on Soft Tissue Injuries -- Revised - - - - - - - - - - - - This book on CD too! (or get both)..
Medical School for Attorneys, 14 hrs CLE Videos
Medical Evidence, A 12hr Audio Series & text
The ATLA (AR) Trial Docket -- Malpractice Discovery
Put Some Order in Your Life.
Unveiling Laparoscopic Malpractice
Unveiling the Mysteries of Medical Malpractice
Exclusive Contracts.
Damage Control Through Zero Defects.
The Primer on Medical Malpractice -- textbook.
The Weight of Medical Evidence -- text and cassette lecture series.
Thermographic Evidence of Soft Tissue Injuries -- textbook.
Shepard's McGraw - Hill 1987. Supplemented annually 1988 - 1992.
The Primer on Thermography -- textbook.
The Primer on Soft Tissue Injuries -- textbook.
Current Opinions in Obs/Gyn - Complications.... - Lippincott
Management of Laparoscopic Surgical Complications text chapter
Legal Medicine 1986 (Thermography)
Newspapers Columns and Commentator for Ocular Surgery News,
    Orthopedics Today, Radiology Today.
Japan - Sun Contact Lens News Letter.
Ophthalmology Management.
Quality Review Bulletin of JCAH -- Commentary: It Happens on Weekends.
Southern Medical Journal -- multiple abstracts.
Legal Aspects of Medical Practice, ACLM -- Thermography.
Medical Malpractice Prevention -- Medical Malpractice Update.
American Chiropractor -- Thermography, Medical-Legal Implications.
Belli Law Journal -- Proving Soft Tissue Injuries in Court - Thermography.
Physician Negligence -- Guidelines for Attorneys.
Trial -- Thermography: Medical and Legal Implications.
Florida Chiropractic Association Journal -- Thermographic Applications.
American Chiropractor -- Chiropractic in the Courtroom.
The Medical Expert.
Medical Evidence -- The Physician's Viewpoint.
The Horizontal Review of Medical Records.
Evaluating the Personal Injury Claim.
The Medical Injury Dollar.
Medicine's Bermuda Triangle.
Antibodies as Antihormones.
Metabolism: Excretion of Sodium Load Pre-eclampsia.

Professional Associations

American Academy of Family Physicians -- Fellow.
American Academy of Thermography -- Diplomate.
American Bar Association.
American Board of Clinical Thermology -- Diplomate.
American Board of Family Practice -- Diplomate.
American College of Legal Medicine -- Fellow.
American Herschel Society.
American Medical Association.
American Pain Society.
Association of Trial Lawyers of America.
Florida Academy of Family Physicians.
Florida Bar.
Florida Medical Association.
Florida Trial Lawyers Association.
International Thermographic Society.
Orange County Medical Society.
Southern Medical Association.
Multiple Physician Recognition Awards for CME courses.
Awards from Presidents Johnson and Nixon for work within the Selective Service System.

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