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The Program prevents medical-malpractice - Guaranteed
Every bit of advice will be individually planned for your individual needs.
Pay for one consultant and get help from a variety of sources with no additional cosultation fees.
Get control of you life.  CLICK HERE
Our consulting sources will work and plan for YOU personally, not generically.
Take advantage of 40 years experience and thousands of evaluations and results.
The "Damage Control" system developed and implemented by Dr. Rein is more and does more
than all the other risk management systems in use.
Extensive outpatient and hospital based databases combined with vast medical malpractice
discovery and trial experience make Dr. Rein and his national staff the ideal educators
and consultants to improve and elevate your programs to higher levels.
Dr. Rein has evaluated cases, done discovery, taken depositions and helped try
malpractice cases in most states. These now total over 10,000.
All were requests for help containing problems which you may have.
Have your circumstances evaluated quickly and accurately.
A little help, or a series of seminars. 
You should be the master of your defense team, not its servant.
Ask Dr. Harry Rein and get an answer at no charge
If you are a health care provider, private HMO or community hospital,
you need a comprehensive review.  Ask us a tough question.  
Response at no charge to you.
E-mail   or mail 1877 Wingfield Drive,  Longwood, FL 32779

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Dr. Rein's Background
Click here for Dr. Rein's background, training,   professional publications and associations.
His best selling malpractice or soft tissue injury books can help you.

Seminar, Radio and TV Experience
National and worldwide presentations to doctors, lawyers, insurance co's, and universities.

Slide show of "Medical Malpractice Thoughts"

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