Medical School for Attorneys
Pre-Approved for 14 hrs CLE in Fl, La, Ar, Ga.

Will Co-host with your Association

Can be taught privately at your law office.

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What you will learn

The highlights taught during four years of medical school.
Important anatomy, physiology, surgical technique and events.
The ins and outs examining medical witnesses.

Why doctors think the way they do.
Latest medical trial techniques.

This Course is different because . . .
Exclusively taught by Dr. Rein, the only Doctor-Lawyer-Judge in the United States.
He practiced medicine for over 20 years & has been a trial lawyer for over 20 years,
has tried medical cases throughout the United States for 2 decades
and was a Judge with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission 12 years.
He is active. He is not retired.
He lectures nationally and internationally on a busy schedule.
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The Curriculum: Medical School for Attorneys

An active case being litigated will be background for your unique project.

You will be taught from the medical subjects below.
The goal is quality discovery of medical witnesses.
You will be developing trial themes.
Learn and recognize the evolving defenses.
Improve skills by observing and improvising.
Active applications will be continuous throughout both days.

These subjects will be made relevant to discovery and trial.

Program will be adjusted according to your personal needs.

Musculoskeletal anatomy.
Head and neck.

Cardiovascular system.
Cardiovascular surgery.
Hematopoetic system.
Abdomen and pelvis.

Surgery -- the Acute Abdomen
Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Brain and spinal cord.

Topics selected from the following to answer your questions.

Charting and Ratings
Deposition questions
Discovery of defendant
Horizontal review of medical records
Hospital negligence
Hospital duties and direct liability

Informed consent
Opening statement
Physician negligence
Planning and discovery
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
Related Injuries
Soft Tissue Injuries
Standard of care
The Three Questions
The medical record is a legal document
Traumatic Arthritis

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